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Dear Subscriber,

I've got a quick question for
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Does your mind perform exactly as
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Probably not... I didn't believe
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This manuscript has been quietly
been distributed since the 1960's.

You can experience some of these
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- Precognition

- A quiet mind anytime

- Elimination of automatic reactions

Quite simply, you need to
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Out of the shadows a mysterious
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Because, quite simply, it's leveling the
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Now the 'Average Joe' can use these
closely guarded methods to run with
the so called big boys of mind power.

Perceive beyond the "Gurus"...

- Control of Mental Space

- Precognition

- Mastery of Visualization


Times have changed and
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Precognition - it's only one of the
benefits. A step-by-step walk thru
tell you how to develop several
very specific Superhuman abilites.

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Revealed: 1960's manuscripts surface
from mysterious character's closely
guarded private files. Precognition
is only one of the powers it teaches.

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Original 1960's Mind Power Lessons
Powerful & guarded methods that thousands have been using quietly

Lessons in Advanced Perception
Step by step instructions show you what the guru's can't or won't!

Finally, the Lessons are Available
If you liked The Master Key and The Secret, you'll *love* this one.

Telepathy Madness
Hearing other people's thoughts in your mind? And what else...

Got an Honest Spouse?
Learn the most powerful methods that allow you to to know.

Got Honest Partners?
Powerful & guarded methods that allow you to find out.


Closely Guarded for Over 40 Years!
Original Advanced Perception Course
Own it 7 minutes from now


Relieve Subconscious Tension Now!
Closely guarded method shows how
Start applying it today


Got Indigo Children?
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Stop Psychic Attacks Cold!
Get a Black Belt in Mind Power
Like thousands of others


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Closely Guarded for Over 40 Years! Advanced Perception

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1960's Advanced Perception Manuscripts Surface - Makes Guru's Shudder

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